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The Vine: Monthly Giving Program





The VINE is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to help our neighbors in need!

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Voice: At United Community, we listen to, strengthen, and elevate the Voice of the Community. By becoming part of the VINE, you help certified case managers in our Stepping Stones program who continue working side-by-side with community members as they listen to, validate, and identify the needs of each individual. Your support not only allows us to better serve our neighbors in need, but it also helps us to identify the systemic changes and resources necessary to better serve the broader community. Together, we give a Voice to our neighbors in need.

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Inclusion: The strength of United Community comes from our consistent efforts to serve and include people from all different socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds — including you! Thanks to monthly support from the VINE, our Stepping Stones program has been able to provide basic needs assistance to hundreds of people on a daily basis, regardless of race, citizenship, or socioeconomic status — even during the heart of a pandemic! We’ve even been able to partner with other organizations to distribute food directly to communities in need, including families who don’t have access to our main food pantry. Together, we’ve ensured that every member in our community is included.

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Nourish: Nourishing our neighbors in need is a central element of United Community’s programs. Our programs provide not only nourishment in the material or physical sense, but also emotional and social nourishment which are just as important. Thanks to the VINE, United Community has continued to nourish our neighbors in need, feeding more than 1,000 families during the month of June 2020.

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Empower: The goal of United Community and the VINE program is to “empower our neighbors in need to transform their lives”, by providing them with the resources, encouragement and support they need. Together, we help each individual move beyond their current situation with a mutual goal of ending multi-generational poverty. Just as our case workers empower our clients, members of the VINE empower United Community by providing a foundation of support for us to build on — a network of individuals who are committed to a strong United Community. We could not do this work without you!

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