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Afghan Refugees Rebuild Their Lives

United Community’s Family Achievement Program (FAP) has been working with a refugee family as they build their lives following their evacuation from Afghanistan.

FAP works one on one with families to set goals for self-sufficiency and independence. Serving families that are at or under the 200% federal poverty guidelines, FAP connects them to United Community’s programs or other organizations in the area to achieve their goals and become strong members of the community. The SB family (name abbreviated for privacy) is a prime example of how FAP partners with families to create a better life. 

The SB family left when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last August. Like thousands of others, the family said goodbye to friends, family, careers as journalists, and anything that didn’t fit in a suitcase. Along with their three-month-old daughter, they secured a flight to Qatar and spent time in a refugee camp there.

They arrived in the U.S. last October and found themselves in another refugee camp. Rather than wait to be assigned to a resettlement agency, they decided to leave independently to be close to family and friends in Northern Virginia. 

Determined to rebuild their lives, the SB family were quickly referred to United Community and entered the FAP program in January. FAP assisted with their first month of rent on a newly-rented apartment and provided a referral to ALIVE!’s houseware program to help them with furnishings. Their FAP coach signed them up for government assistance programs such as SNAP, TANIF, and Medicaid. Mrs. SB has secured employment as a news producer while Mr. SB has enrolled in English classes at Northern Virginia Community College to be better prepared to find work or continue his education. For now his main priority is staying home with their daughter and ensuring she continues to thrive.

The SB family has made tremendous strides in a short amount of time. They have secured housing, employment and education, and most importantly, their daughter is healthy. They will be transitioned out of the FAP program in June.



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