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IMPACT: United Community Early Learning Center

Jacqueline first heard about United Community back in 2014 when she was pregnant and a student at Mount Vernon High School. She enrolled in the Healthy Families program, which would change her life in more ways than she could imagine.

When her daughter, Valeria, was just six weeks old, Healthy Families counselor Sonya provided Jacqueline with information about her daughter’s development, as well as helping her get a car seat, diapers and formula. During the next three years, Jacqueline learned more about her child’s development and was reassured by Sonya whenever she had concerns. Valeria grew from “a tiny baby” to eventually meeting every milestone of normal child development with “flying colors,” said Jacqueline.

When she graduated high school, her first job out of school was working the overnight shift – far from ideal but she was doing the best she could for her growing daughter.

Then, Jacqueline got the call that would change her life again. It was from United Community offering her a job at the Early Learning Center as a classroom aide. For her it was a dream come true.

Within three years, Jacqueline was promoted to assistant teacher, and later, to lead teacher in the infant wing where she now supervises two assistant teachers. She also takes online classes to further her education and ultimately get her college degree.

Jacqueline’s life has come full circle. Working with new single mothers she shares, “I can relate with them what they’re going through.” Citing herself as an example, she shows them that despite the challenges they may be facing, with determination it is possible for them to realize their dreams.

To the supporters who help make it all possible she says, “Thank you for everything…for helping babies, families, and us.”



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