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Community School’s Positive Impact

United Community’s two Community Schools Coordinators, Delia Montecinos and Marcia St. John-Cunning, were spotlighted by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) in a recent article. Delia and Marcia work hard to provide individualized, holistic support that has improved learning, strengthened families, and created a healthier community.

Delia, a community school coordinator, and a student load up a truck at family market day at Walt Whitman Middle School

This partnership with FCPS provides important support to students and their families at Walt Whitman Middle School and Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School. There are regular parent workshops, family markets, dental cleaning, mentoring, and more to make needed resources more accessible. As these services overcome barriers, children are capable of learning and success.

United Community can only create this kind of positive and enduring impact with amazing staff like Delia and Marica, volunteers, partnerships with organizations such as FCPS, and you! THANK YOU to all!

People at the family market at Mount Vernon Woods Elementary to pick up food and other donated items.



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Young student holding a thank you sign

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