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Sharing the Love

On February 14th, United Community participated in the 3rd annual Sharing the Love initiative hosted by De Lune Corp. Joined by Supervisor Lusk, we worked together to achieve our goal of serving 1000 families who are experiencing food insecurity. 

De Lune Corp provided 35,000 eggs, 1000 gallons of milk, and boxes of dried peas that were distributed at this all-day event. Neighborhood distribution occurred at Audubon Mobile Park, Harmony Place Neighborhood, Creekside Village Community Center, and Sacramento Neighborhood Center. At our main food pantry on Fordson Road, a line of cars snaked along the road and around the building as our own CEO, Alison DeCoursey, Supervisor Lusk, and De Lune’s President, Gaddafi Ismail, greeted families as they distributed the products. 

Gaddafi shared how giving back to the community is an essential part of De Lune Corp. COVID19 continues to impact families and food insecurity exists at alarmingly high rates. He wanted to ease that burden on families and bring a smile to their faces with little details like the hearts stamped on each egg in honor of Valentine’s Day. 

We’re all looking forward to next year’s event as we work together to address issues like food insecurity along the Route 1 Corridor. Click the following links to find ways you can get involved with United Community and to learn more about our food pantry and neighborhood distribution locations



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