MEMORIAL DAY: United Community is closed on May 30th, 2022

Building Bridges Across Route 1 – One Step at a Time!

It’s four o’clock on a Monday afternoon when Riverside Elementary educator Kathy Lehner pulls into the Sequoyah neighborhood. Her SUV is overflowing with diapers, toilet paper, and hygiene supplies collected from neighbors, friends, and family members on the other side of the highway. As Kathy parks, a Neighborhood Ambassador arrives to help her unload. Together, […]

The emPower Hour: Teenage Tutors Find Ways to Give Back During COVID

Student being tutored online at Creekside Village Community Center

It’s 3:55pm on a Wednesday as ten-year old Harris runs down the stairs of his apartment building, and starts sprinting to the Creekside Community Center. His virtual school day technically ended two hours earlier; but his favorite part of virtual learning — the emPower hour — starts in 5 minutes. And he doesn’t want to […]

What Goes Around, Comes Around: Battelle Scholar Gives Back

Young donor smiling next to old United Community Ministries sign

It’s early on a chilly Friday morning, as Jiayi Liu, a 24-year old recruitment manager leaves her house carrying a heavy bag of canned food. It’s only a short walk from her doorstep to the food pantry at Fordson Road, she remembers, as she passes the spot where she used to wait for the school […]


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