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Mothers Making a Difference

We are excited to introduce you to an incredible group of mothers, featured recently in The Washington Post, who are shining examples of how community driven solutions are created.  At the height of the pandemic, Ana Delia Romero made it her mission to ensure none of her neighbors were going hungry. She approached United Community […]

Dazzling Performance From Our Local Youth

Youth from our local community dazzled the crowd with their graduation presentation of the play “Encanto” to finish off a week-long camp with Alexandria’s Children’s Theater (ACT). Opportunity Neighborhood Mount Vernon (ONMV) and COMMUN1TY+ partnered with ACT to provide a unique experience where the children learned dialogue, songs, and dances that were presented to families […]

Taxes Made Easy

Five of the tax assisters, wearing face masks, but smiling behind them to show

Accessible tax filing assistance has already seen thousands of dollars in returns for community members.

Community Advocates: Audubon Women’s Group Becomes Driving Force for Change

On any given Tuesday in the Audubon community, you will find a sobering, but familiar sight: a long line of families stretching to the corner and winding its way around the block. Most are mothers with children in tow, waiting patiently for food to feed their families. For members of this tight-knit, largely immigrant community […]


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