MEMORIAL DAY: United Community is closed on May 30th, 2022

Mothers Making a Difference

We are excited to introduce you to an incredible group of mothers, featured recently in The Washington Post, who are shining examples of how community driven solutions are created.  At the height of the pandemic, Ana Delia Romero made it her mission to ensure none of her neighbors were going hungry. She approached United Community […]

Building Brighter Futures

Two men listen to another instructor as they start their new job with Building Momentum

United Community’s Family Achievement Program (FAP) is centered around helping families achieve self-sufficiency and independence through one-on-one coaching, connecting them to community  resources, and partnering with organizations and programs that share our desire to help families succeed. Our new partnership with Building Momentum is  an amazing example of how FAP helps participants achieve their goals and learn valuable skills. 

From Volunteer to Full-time Employee

Three smiling young woman, all coaches for the Family Achievement Program

Zulemy Loza officially joined United Community nearly one year ago as a coach with the Family Achievement Program (FAP), but we’ve benefited from her commitment to the community for six years.  In 2016, Zulemy was in her junior year at West Potomac High School when she began volunteering with United Community through the Public Safety […]

Sharing the Love

Three eggs with little hearts stamped on them are held in a women's hand in front of a door.

On February 14th, United Community participated in the 3rd annual Sharing the Love initiative hosted by De Lune Corp. Joined by Supervisor Lusk, we worked together to achieve our goal of serving 1000 families who are experiencing food insecurity. 

Building Bridges Across Route 1 – One Step at a Time!

It’s four o’clock on a Monday afternoon when Riverside Elementary educator Kathy Lehner pulls into the Sequoyah neighborhood. Her SUV is overflowing with diapers, toilet paper, and hygiene supplies collected from neighbors, friends, and family members on the other side of the highway. As Kathy parks, a Neighborhood Ambassador arrives to help her unload. Together, […]

How One Stimulus Check Can Feed a Neighborhood

Local residents lined up in to receive food bags

Last Wednesday, I stepped out of my parent’s 2008 Honda Odyssey (also affectionately known as the family bus), and looked across the parking lot to the Alexandria Mega-Mart. I had a little more than an hour to get in and out — which for most people is pretty manageable. Except, I wasn’t going shopping for […]

What Goes Around, Comes Around: Battelle Scholar Gives Back

Young donor smiling next to old United Community Ministries sign

It’s early on a chilly Friday morning, as Jiayi Liu, a 24-year old recruitment manager leaves her house carrying a heavy bag of canned food. It’s only a short walk from her doorstep to the food pantry at Fordson Road, she remembers, as she passes the spot where she used to wait for the school […]

I am a blessing to those who are a blessing to me.

Woman giving homemade gif mug to staff member for appreciation

Evelyn Martin is a woman of many names at United Community’s Fordson Road office. Some team members call her Miss Sunshine. Others simply know her as the “cup lady”. But those who know her best, simply call her Ms. Martin. Ms. Martin and her family were hit hard when schools were closed by the COVID-19 […]


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